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Best Milk Frother

One of the most important factors in creating the perfect cappuccino, caffe latte or cortado is texturing the milk so it forms a creamy froth. It can make the difference between a bog-standard cup and a delicious work of art! Quick Navigation So what’s the best milk frother?Milk frother 101Whole or skimmed milkMilk temperatureHow long […]

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Krups Coffee Machine Review

Krups is a German company that specialises in creating premium consumer appliances. Their coffee maker range is impressive; manufacturing everything from bean to cup machines to more simple pod models. With an ethos of quality and perfection, Krups coffee machines are top of the line. They may be a bit more expensive, but you know […]

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Lavazza Coffee Machine Review

Although not as widely known as many popular brand names, Lavazza is an Italian company that produces premium coffee blends along with the machines to make them come to life. As well as removing any room for error by perfecting the extraction and brewing process of their coffees, they design a range of machines, from […]

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Best Coffee Machine Reviews

Coffee drinking and crafting continues to evolve (or perhaps devolve), with the hipster crowd favouring a more organic, hands-on coffee-making experience. We are seeing the rise in popularity of older, more traditional techniques such as Turkish coffee, pour over and vacuum style coffee makers. At the other end of the spectrum are the hi-tech gadgets […]

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