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Tassimo produce a very specialised range of single cup brewer coffee machines, all programmed with Intellibrew. This technology means the machine reads the barcode of the compatible coffee pods then creates the perfect cup by calculating the correct water amount, temperature and brew time required for each particular drink. These coffee machines are a simple way to get genuine, authentic, barista-class beverages in your own home. Below we outline the best Tassimo machines to help you select the perfect match for you.

1. Bosch Tassimo Vivy

The most popular machine in this brand by a long shot, this machine is available in six fun colours to complement any kitchen. Over 35 drink varieties are available. Designed to provide high quality beverages with minimal fuss, effort, and time, the machine has no heat up time after you turn it on - it’s instantly ready to go. The automatic cleaning and descaling program and dishwasher proof parts make for a no fuss clean up.

Bosch Tassimo Vivy


  • Space saving design - will fit into even the smallest kitchen
  • Adjustable cup stand means any size cups can be used
  • Energy efficient - automatically switches to standby mode after every brew cycle


  • Compact size means you'll need to refill the water tank quite often
  • The coffees produced are not overly large

2. Bosch TAS3202GB Tassimo

This model is available in black, white, red or turquoise, and is as stylish as the rest of the range. With a footprint of 25 x 16.7 x 30.5cm, it houses a 0.8L water tank and the same one touch, quick and easy operation that provides consistently positive Tassimo reviews.

Bosch TAS3202GB Tassimo


  • Extremely fast heat-up time, so your drink can be prepared immediately
  • Self-cleaning to safe you even more time in the kitchen


  • Reviewers have mentioned the machine is noisy during operation
  • Mug size produced is on the small size, if you prefer a larger mug of coffee you will need to run the machine twice, and use two pods

3. Bosch Tassimo TAS6515GB

The stand out differences with this machine are the LCD display and the inbuilt Brita water filtration addition. The LCD display keeps you informed on the status of your brew, and your cup is even illuminated while the drink is poured - a fancy touch to the process. The added filtration system ensures the water used is as pure as possible, enhancing the finished brew.

Bosch Tassimo TAS6515GB


  • Inbuilt water filtration system ensures the best quality water for your beverage
  • The mug light is perfect for those late-night coffee or hot chocolate cravings


  • Reviewers have mentioned that the temperature of the resulting drink is not hot enough, and requires heating up in the microwave after brewing

4. Bosch Tassimo TAS5542GB

This model has a large, removable 1.4 L water tank, so more drinks can be produced between refills. Still featuring the same Intellibrew system, and with one button operation, this can be used with T-Discs to produce quality coffee efficiently and quickly.

Bosch Tassimo TAS5542GB


  • The removable parts are dishwasher safe, and there is an automatic de-scaling program
  • ​Lengthy 1m long power cord
  • Uses standby mode after every brew cycle, so energy efficient
  • In built water filtration system to ensure pure water for better quality coffee


  • Critical reviews comment that this model produces only lukewarm coffee
  • Many coffee drinkers aren’t fond of the long-life milk used in the pods

5. Bosch Tassimo Joy 2 TAS4502GB

This model boasts an impressive 1.4 L water tank, to keep those delicious coffees coming without interruption. With fully automatic one-touch button operation, it couldn’t be easier to use the T-Discs to fulfil those coffee cravings.

Bosch Tassimo Joy 2 TAS4502GB


  • Inbuilt Brita Maxtra water filter system
  • ​Adjustable cup stand to cater for different cup sizes
  • Users report the coffee is produced very quickly and comes out piping hot
  • Quiet operation


  • Some Tassimo reviews complain about cup size produced, those who like a larger cup of coffee will need to use two pods to reach the desired size and strength.


The Tassimo coffee machine range is extremely popular with its loyal users, with the overwhelming majority of reviews being glowingly positive. The T DISC technology makes brewing the perfect drink a breeze, and with over 40 varieties of hot drinks available, under the top brand names including Kenco, Twinings, Cadbury, and Costa, you will never get bored.The most common gripe is that in using the T DISCS, the only milk option is a powdered UHT disc, which many reviewers say has an unpleasant taste. Many people find they have to create their own froth in a different process, which takes away from the quick and easy nature of the Tassimo system.

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