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Hello there, my name is Stephen Richardson, Founder of Coffee Caboodle.

Back in the day coffee was simple to prepare — hot water, cooking pot or kettle, ground coffee beans, and voila! You had a steaming cup of Joe (AKA coffee).

Well, it used to be straightforward but technology has stepped in to make our lives ‘easier’.


I don’t think so. Now you’re faced with a ton of choices from designer pod coffee endorsed by Hollywood celebrities to state of the art bean-to-cup coffee machines that can cost a fortune.

Here at Coffee Caboodle, our mission is to offer in-depth reviews and no-nonsense advice on buying a coffee machine and other coffee-related bits ’n’ pieces for home or office use.

Who is Coffee Caboodle for?

Whether you’re brand new to the world of coffee makers or a veteran of speciality coffee and the various methods of preparation, we hope you’ll find some value contained within Coffee Caboodle.

If you’d like to get an overview of the types of coffee machine available today, then check out the FREE Coffee Machine Buyers Guide.

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Stephen Richardson

Founder & Editor of Coffee Caboodle